Gender balance – developing female talent in your organisation

What does gender balance mean in your organisation? 

Diversity in your workforce matters.  Organisations with diverse teams can have a more positive work culture, making it easier to recruit for open positions.   Diverse organisations are shown to have higher rates of innovation and efficiency.  And this leads to a greater sense of purpose for people in your organisation and a greater sense of community, leading to longer tenures and better retention. 

Diversity can mean many things, and gender balance is an important part.   But what does gender balance mean to your organisation?  For some organisations, it’s about getting the recruitment mix right.  For others it’s about making sure that progression opportunities are accessible to all.  For most organisations, it’s about gathering data to find out what matters to their people. That data can then be used to identify gaps and to put supports in place to help everyone realise their potential regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or ability. 

On the approach to International Women’s Day 2022, Anne O’Neill of Alchemy Technology Services sat down with Bespoke Communications Co-Founder Sarah Travers to share in their collaborative experience of launching initiatives. Learn the approaches that Alchemy is taking to address gender imbalance and the positive impacts this is having on company culture.

You can watch the LIVE replay here.