Turn your next presentation into a TEDx Talk

If you’ve ever thought about delivering a TEDx Talk, then you already know that there is something very special about the red TEDx dot.  It’s a place where great ideas are born, and where TEDx speakers influence change that they want to see in the world. 

But a TEDx talk doesn’t have to be limited to a TEDx event.   A TEDx talk can be the inspiration for how you influence people in your community to think differently and to try something new. In our work with executives and experts the number one thing they want to achieve when they speak is influence.  They want to influence change. They want to make presentations that change how people think about an issue, they want to encourage people to make investment, and sometimes they want people to change the way they see themselves.

In this video, you’ll learn five great ideas from the world of TED.com on what it takes to influence your audiences when you stand up to present. Tuen in to hear how you can influence and persuade by thinking about:

Your audience

Connecting with their world

Your body language and vocal tone

Making your presentation a conversation

Managing your emotions

Watch the replay of this event below: