Influence in the workplace – in conversation with Philip Brady

Influence in the workplace is a challenge for even the most seasoned executives and leaders.  Whether you have a meeting with a challenging stakeholder, a big presentations or pitch or you’re leading a complex project, it can be hard to keep your head and stay focused on the outcome you want to achieve.    

‘Grace under fire’ is an important leadership attribute.  Your ability to keep a calm head is a big determinant of your influence in the workplace and at home too!  In a world of relentless deadlines and workplace demands, it can be hard to give headspace to considering the impact of your communication and actions on others.  Especially in a world where the Teams meetings are back to back and there is no time between meetings to decompress. 

If you could enter into those meetings and forums with a toolkit to manage the process, would that give you the confidence to address issues more quickly?  What would that do for your wellbeing and resilience? And how much more likely will you be to achieve the outcome that you’d like?

Watch the LIVE replay of this event for a deep dive into what it takes to perform under pressure, and we’ll share some simple evidence-based techniques to help you feel in control of your next challenge.

Your event is hosted by Camilla Long, Director of Bespoke Communications. Bespoke Communications offers communications coaching, media training and public speaking coaching across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Philip Brady is an accomplished performance coach with a mission is ‘to be a companion on the journey to your potential’.  Philip has worked with countless individuals to achieve just this across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with performance programmes and one2one coaching. He is an accredited coach, qualified personal trainer and has a BSc in Finance and Venture Management.