‘Is there anyone out there?’ Breaking the attention barrier when leading a hybrid team

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2022 is the year the hybrid team comes of age.  The hybrid team means different things to different people.  Some people will work full-time remote, others full-time in the office, and many people will choose a blend of the two. 

What does that mean to you as a leader or manager? You have the same focus on high performance and purpose in your hybrid team, just as you did when you all worked from the same physical office space together.

But now you’re leading from the other side of a webcam, often many miles away from the people you need to speak with.  And at times the silence can be deafening! 

There is nothing new about the need to capture an audience’s attention, persuade the unpersuadable or to convince the undecided.  But in a virtual world, how can you break the attention barrier to get time with the people you need to speak with, to make those vital connections with your team and to maximise face-time with people when you get it?  

Since the world moved online, we all need new strategies to communicate effectively with the people we need to speak with. Your communication within the team needs to foster a sense of connection. And when you’re advocating for your team, it can be hard to get the attention of decision makers for the things that matter to you. And when you do get in front of them, it can be challenging to promote action.

If you’re a managing a hybrid or remote team, attend this session with communications expert Camilla Long for ideas to help you to:

  • Advocate for your team’s needs when your decision-makers are distracted with other priorities
  • Get buy-in for ideas so that projects keep moving
  • Make sure that your team is on board with changes that need to happen

Watch the event replay here

If you’re interested in a programme to support your leaders and managers with the skills to lead hybrid or virtual teams, reach out for a virtual coffee here.