How to Get on the TEDx Stage

TEDx curators are passionate about their communities, and committed to progress and innovation. And they are the people who decide what speakers go forward for their TEDx events.

If you have an idea worth sharing, then what better way to let the world know than by giving a TEDx Talk? Because TEDx is an iconic brand and a big stage. And ideas shared from the TEDx stage resonate in a way that they just don’t from other platforms.

But it can be difficult to secure a TEDx Talk. How do you find out what TEDx curators want from you? How do you make your idea stand out? How do you work out how you can add value to a TEDx event?

Watch the replay of this event to hear how four experienced TEDx curators* go about organising their TEDx events. You’ll hear about their purpose, why they do what they do, and how your idea can have impact on the TEDx community.

*Please note that their attendance at this event is not an invitation for unsolicited pitches to our curators.

This event was hosted by Genos International Europe on 7th April 2022.

Your event host:

Camilla Long is the award-wining co-founder of Bespoke Communications, and coach to over one hundred TEDx speakers.

TEDx curators:

Claire O’Hanlon

Claire O’Hanlon MBE, a business consultant and charity trustee, is the curator of TEDx Cookstown and has supported other curators in organising their TEDx events. In the course of both her professional and voluntary roles, Claire met some amazing people who had incredible stories and ideas to share. They inspired Claire to organise the first TEDx event west of the Bann, giving a global stage to ideas worth sharing from Mid Ulster and further afield.

Eva Grosman

Eva Grosman is the CEO of the Belfast based Centre for Democracy and Peace Building, Research Associate at St. Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford and curator and organiser of the annual TEDxStormont event in Parliament Buildings, Stormont, Northern Ireland. She is an Advisory Board member for The Global Women’s Narratives Project, and the Oxford Interfaith Forum. Eva has qualifications in management, public affairs and political communication and is a recent graduate of the PG Diploma in Strategy and Innovation at the Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Janie Lazar

Founder of End of Life Ireland, Much More Than Words and TEDx Dun Laoghaire, Janie Lazar’s work has taken her around the world. ‘People are obsessed with labels. How you do what you do says more about you and what you stand for.” So what do I do? I guess I am a story weaver! Specialist speaker coach, celebrant, strategist, collaborator with a focus on inclusion and personal autonomy. 

Sam Warner

Sam is a TEDx Speaker, the licensee and director of TEDxTelford who coaches TEDx Speakers, speakers for formal events and small businesses wishing to refine their messaging. Sam undertakes individual coaching for Neurodivergent adults and their friends, family and co-workers. She also helps trainers to design for Neurodivergent audience members and trains organisations to improve their team culture and HR processes to be more inclusive