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Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presenters aren’t born – they’re made.

Presenting with impact is a vital skill in today’s world.

Our Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Programme will embed this ability in your team, enabling them to craft and deliver memorable presentations that persuade, influence and inspire.

Communicate your ideas with confidence, purpose and impact

Make a great first impression, every time

Speaking with confidence and presenting with power are among the most important skills we can have in today’s workplace.

That’s why our Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Programme is tailored to the individual. It will help each of your team members to develop their own natural presentation style and find their own innate voice, enabling them to present with confidence, presence and clarity.

Our goal is to help your team connect with their audience and enable them to achieve better results. Right now we’re helping organisations across the UK and Ireland to present with impact and inspire change and growth.

We can help your team too.

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Powerful Presentation Skills coaching that gets results

Whether you are delivering a vital sales proposal, holding a team meeting, presenting to your board or explaining complex technical data, our Powerful Presentation skills coaching will help you to speak with clarity, connect with your audience and get the outcomes you want.

And there’s more…
• Build rapport with colleagues and customers
• Influence business strategy through impactful presentations
• Achieve positive outcomes from business meetings
• Deliver HR drives that attract the best recruits
• Speak confidently at industry events

Your Powerful Presentation Skills journey

Our Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Programme takes you and your team on a journey….from where you are now in terms of performance and impact, to where you want to be.

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The first step of the journey starts with an open discussion to clarify your specific challenges and aspirations and to identify the skills, behaviours and habits you want your team to develop. From this we will develop a personalised and targeted programme to meet your objectives.


Working together in a safe, supportive environment, your colleagues will attend a bespoke workshop to equip them with greater confidence, clarity and impact. They’ll learn how to craft a clear and compelling message, enabling them to connect with any audience and communicate more effectively, externally or internally.


You can offer individual or team coaching to your team to help the key learnings really sink in. Each member of your team will get the opportunity to hone their own personal presentation style, so they can make impact in any speaking situation.


We re-assemble as a team, online or in-person, and each person will apply their communication techniques, strategies and tools to deliver a powerful, eloquent and memorable presentation. Prepare to be awed!

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Real, measurable benefits for your team, your organisation…and you

Your team

The Powerful Presentation Skills Coaching Programme will build confidence in your team and enhance their communication skills, empowering each member to connect emotionally and lead every time they speak and present, externally and internally.

Your organisation

The way your team communicates will reflect your values and vision. You’ll be seen as an organisation that engages, connects and inspires and this will translates into more trust, stronger customer relations and greater market dominance.


The benefits of Powerful Presenting are compelling. Above all, it’s about getting better results. Giving your team members the skills to engage, connect and inspire puts you in a far stronger position than others in your field.

We’re helping people organisations like yours across the UK and Ireland to present with impact and inspire change, whether it be to win business, influence stakeholders or build confidence for TV appearances, meetings and job interviews.

Bespoke Communications operate across the UK and Ireland and have worked with thousands of presenters across the UK and Ireland to help them to win business, influence stakeholders and build confidence for presentations, TED Talks, TV appearances, webinars, meetings and job interviews.

Powerful Presentations Skills programme in summary

  • Bespoke programmes for every client. We will design a programme tailored to your needs, your culture and your team.
  • Your programme will be facilitated online, face-to-face or as a blended programme, depending on your needs
  • We offer presentation skills programmes in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK
  • With blended or online delivery, sessions can be recorded to enable further learning
  • Empower your teams with the presentation skills they need for personal success and business impact

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