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We are proud to be public speaking partner to many world class TEDx events. This gives us the privilege of working with world-class speakers, passionate about change, helping them to prepare for the talk of a lifetime. As a TEDx speaker, you’re embarking on a journey, and we’re with you every step of the way.

From our base in Northern Ireland, we’ve partnered with almost twenty TEDx events since 2015. We’ve supported curators and speakers alike to deliver events that shape the Northern Ireland of today, and made our community a great place to live, work and love.

Having Bespoke Communications as our partner, we now go into each TEDxStormont event with confidence knowing that the high standard we demand is achieved.Not only do I see the outstanding level of quality delivered by the team at Bespoke, the feedback that we gain from our speakers – often experts in their field – is exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Eva Grosman
TEDx speaker dublin

Our Work with TEDx

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TEDx Speaker Coaching

As a TEDx speaker, you have an idea you want to share.  What helps your idea to connect with your audience is your personal preparation.  You get one chance to be a changemaker on the iconic red dot – make it count! 

For over five years, TEDx curators have trusted us to work with their speakers and help them to give their best on stage. We’ve worked with TEDxStormont, TEDxStormont Women, TEDxQueensUniversity Belfast, TEDxPSNI and in 2020 and 2021, TEDxCookstown and TEDxDerryLondonderry.

Hear ‘ideas worth spreading’ from some of the TEDx speakers we’ve worked with:

Living the Electric Dream | Ana Matronic | TEDxStormontWomen

Anna Matronic

A fish climbing a tree - How to embrace being different | Kaja Choma | TEDxStormontWomen

Kaja Choma

Niall Downey

In working on my TEDx Talk, Camilla and Sarah made me reassess who the audience was and repackage the message with an emotional intelligence angle.  It was the best 30 minutes I ever spent

A New Approach to Error in Healthcare – But Will It Fly? | Niall Downey | TEDxStormontWomen
Dementia: what we wish we'd known | Adele Doherty | TEDxStormontWomen

Adele Doherty

Without Sarah and Camilla, there is no way I would have had the confidence and ability to do a TEDx Talk – but their natural ability to connect and their perception enabled me to see things I hadn’t considered. In my role I had some experience of public speaking and was fairly confident speaking in front of larger audiences.  I worked with Sarah and Camilla on my TED Talk and I learnt so much to improve my impact. They helped me to look at my body language, voice inflections, pausing and how I could vastly improve the opening and closing of my presentations. They gave me the skills to be able to captivate and influence my audience.

Eileen Mullan

Taking to the big red dot, brings with it many emotions, fear and anxiety are just two of them. Doing a TED Talk was on my bucket list, I was challenging myself in many ways. I knew what I wanted to say, I just needed help to say it. Feeling quite vulnerable, I walked into the room to meet with Sarah and Camilla. They made me feel safe and gently helped me to fine tune not just what I was saying but in how to say it with impact. Their encouragement and support was all I needed to know that actually I can do this – and I did.

Make time for what matters to you | Eileen Mullan | TEDxStormontWomen

If you’re a TEDx curator and would like our help with your event, get in touch.

We love to hear ideas being shared and offer our support to TEDx curators in a variety of ways – sometimes a Masterclass to prepare your speakers, other times facilitating your rehearsal. If yours is a community event, we’re pleased to share our experience with you free of charge.  We limit our support to one TEDx event at a time, so if you have a date confirmed, get in touch and if we can help we will. 

We can offer bespoke packages to suit your specific preparation needs.

TEDx Stormont Women - Short Version

TEDx Speaker Masterclasses: Inspiring girls and young women across Northern Ireland

In 2019, TEDxStormont had the vision to bring the power of TEDx into communities right across Northern Ireland. With the support of business, community organisations and the Northern Ireland Executive, Bespoke Communications and TEDxStormont developed a Masterclass programme for Northern Ireland.

We worked with 500 girls and women with an inspiring and engaging TEDxStormont Masterclass roadshow, resulting in four inspiring speakers from the Northern Ireland Executive’s Urban Villages taking to the stage at TEDxStormont Women 2019.

Annette Burke

Imperfect Me to “This is me”  | Annette Burke | TEDxStormontWomen

Arlene Megaw

The "What do you think" approach  | Arlene Megaw | TEDxStormontWomen

Maire Thompson

It takes a village to raise a child | Maire Thompson | TEDxStormontWomen

Shauna Quigley

Healing Trauma: New Paradigm  Letting the Body Inform the Mind | Shauna Quigley | TEDxStormontWomen
TEDx speaker london

Talk like TED: Building communities and sharing ideas

Talk like TED was an initiative of TEDxStormont supported by the Northern Ireland Executive’s Urban Villages programme. Working with young people from different backgrounds and perspectives, Bespoke Communications and TEDxStormont led an intensive ‘Talk like TED’ summer bootcamp to develop young people’s speaking skills.

The bootcamp concluded with a powerful speaking event in Stormont, where participants shared their ideas for a more compassionate society with civic leaders, politicians, family and friends. Two of the young people went on to take a place on the TEDxStormont stage to share their ideas with the world. 

Tegan Nesbitt 

Turning your fears into your strengths | Tegan Nesbitt | TEDxStormont

Catriona Walsh

Growing Up Having to Learn How to Be a “Girl” | Catriona Walsh | TEDxStormontWomen